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The “IInd International Symposium on Thermalism and Quality of Life” emerges as a proposal to consolidate a scientific event of great relevance that will allow us to increase the potential development of the "Campus of water" specialization project, as well as the thermalism improvement in the province and the city of Ourense. In particular, with this event we sought to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create a meeting forum for national and international professionals and researchers interested in the water subject, mainly about Thermalism, which will allow us to establish synergies between the scientific academic and business sectors.
  • To facilitate the updating of knowledge about termalism and health, mainly regarding to the characterization and use of thermal and mineral-medicinal waters, heritage and thermal architecture and Experimental tourism and thermalism.
  • To know different models of management and exploitation of mineral-medicinal and thermal waters and their implications for tourism and health.
  • To encourage the meeting and collaboration between the academic scientific sector and the business world.
  • To stimulate knowledge and general research about thermalism and its implications for the quality of life and health.
  • To reinforce the contacts between institutions and research teams interested in water issues, mainly about thermalism and its implications for health and quality of life.
  • To assess the scientific, economic, patrimonial and tourist potential of the city and the province of Ourense as an international reference in terms of thermalism, establishing synergies with key institutions in our region and province.
  • To stimulate links with third countries in the field of the thermalism research, mainly with European and Latin American countries.

Moreover, its multidisciplinary nature becomes the Symposium as an appropriate forum to establish synergies and joint action lines between the University, Public Administrations and the business, economic, social and cultural world of the province. The aim is to achieve a strong socioeconomic impact of the “Campus of water” in the province of Ourense. In particular, the mission of the “Campus of water” is to promote a multidisciplinary and integrated network of research, teaching and knowledge transfer units.

The “IInd International Symposium on Thermalism and Quality of Life” will seek to increase the impact of the “Campus of water”, through actions such as:

  • To establish working and discussion groups formed by members of the Healing SPA and thermal sectors.
  • To continue to promote working and discussion groups between the Confederation of Entrepreneurs and leading companies in water issues.
  • To create collaboration agreements with companies related to water resources.
  • To create collaboration agreements between scientific associations and termalism institutions.
  • To establish collaboration agreements between scientists and relevant research groups, in relation to the Symposium subjects.
  • To increase the network of national and international contacts between Universities and public or private Institutions related to water.
  • To identify relevant investigators and research groups.
  • To encourage the international exchange and researchers mobility.

Symposium Venue

The “IInd International Symposium on Thermalism and Quality of Life” will be held in:


Finca Sevilla s/n, 32005 Ourense

+34 988 366 030

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Getting Here

Ourense is not only the most important urban area of the inland of Galicia but also a communications hub that, because of its location, connects the coastal area of Galicia with the rest of Spain. Ourense is also strongly linked to Portugal, as the frontier is at just 60 km from the city.


No matter if you choose to drive your car or take a coach, Ourense has a road network that makes your journey easy. The most important larger cities of Galicia, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, and Vigo are less than 200 km away and accessible by freeways and motorways. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is only at a 4 hours drive taking highway A-52. The second biggest city of Portugal, Porto, is less than 2 hours away.

GPS Coordinates: 42º20’11”N 7º51’48”W – 42.3379,-7.8638

Main accesses:

  • From A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela: AP-53
  • From Porto, Vigo, Madrid: A-52
  • From Lugo: N-540

National rails connect Ourense with any part of Spain and very soon it will be part of a high velocity train network that will connect Ourense with Madrid in 2 hours 30 minutes. At the moment, modern AVANT trains get you to A Coruña in 1 hour 10 minutes and to Santiago de Compostela in just 38 minutes.

Please check site to look for combinations.


Although Ourense does not have an airport, good connections place Galician airports reachable in just a few steps. Peinador airport, in Vigo is 90 km far from Ourense, Lavacolla in Santiago de Compostela, 106 km away and Alvedro in A Coruña, only 176 km (all three with direct freeway connections). It is also possible to take a flight to Portugal, since Porto international airport Sá Carneiro, is only two hours away by road.



Hotel list with special rates for conference participants of the STCV II:

DUI: Single Room | DOB: Double Room | S/A: Room Only | A/D: Room and breakfast | Taxes included


988 269 538

DUI A/D: 44€
DOB A/D: 55€


988 375 523

DUI S/A: 81€ | DOB S/A: 89€
DUI A/D: 81€ | DOB A/D: 97€


988 371 811

DUI S/A: 49€
DUI A/D: 57€ | DOB A/D: 65€


988 242 095

DUI A/D: 56€
DOB A/D: 74€


988 231 520

DUI S/A: 39,90€ | DOB S/A: 45,10€
DUI A/D: 42,35€ | DOB A/D: 50,60€


988 370 952

DUI S/A: 35,00€ | DOB S/A: 48,00€
DUI A/D: 39,90€ | DOB A/D: 55,00€


988 230 008

DUI S/A: 35,00€
DOB S/A: 50,00€


988 254 620

DUI S/A: 33,00€
DOB S/A: 48,00€


988 213 600

DUI S/A: 25,00€
DOB S/A: 36,00€


988 229 607

DUI S/A: 25,00€ | DOB S/A: 36,00€
DUI A/D: 28,00€ | DOB A/D: 42,00€


In the last couple of years the city had increased its accomodation offer, with the presence of prestigious hotel chains that coexist with classic stablishments counting with years of quality experience.

In this map you find the main hotels in Ourense city.


Ourense is a place for relax, get rest and feel at home. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place in the city center or its surroundings, you will find a wide and diverse range of accommodation that will suit any budget. Many accommodation possibilities which, of course, offer SPA facilities are available.

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